Oyindamola Olofinlua


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Damola is a 360° communications expert and very thorough when it comes to getting the job done.Working with him gave me a different view of what Marketing is all about. In his words, "You sell benefits, not features." He knows what to do almost all the time and I wonder "how can he be this good?"Also, his love for the media - radio particularly is on another level. He can offhandedly tell you the three best radio stations for any campaign and why.He's also good at keeping tabs on beautiful literary works and authors.Damola is not the best person to spoon-feed you but you can learn a ton from just his criticism and reviews.Any team he's on got the best Brands and Communications person ever.
Oluwatosin Diamon Areo
Brand Strategist || Product Marketer|| PR Manager
Oyindamola is any boss's dream right hand man! If you give him an idea, he improves on it and gets it done... better than you originally conceived it. We worked as a two man team, and we set out to interview only 20 veterans in the field of journalism. Because of Oyindamola, we interviewed 80 and have since published two books out of the interviews... two more are on the way. We managed the resources for 20 interviews and got 80! Oyindamola is resourceful, full of ideas and energy. It is rare to find a thinker who is also a doer...Oyindamola is one. I couldn't keep him... he was destined for greater seas, my pond was too small. Energy. Creative. Full of initiative. Hard worker, Committed.
Richard O. Ikiebe, PhD
Writer. Teacher. Speaker. Researcher. Coach.
'Damola is a versatile writer, editor and marketing communications professional who you can trust 100% to deliver on top-notch marketing, sales and communication contents. Having worked with him in the same team for more than 3 years, I can attest to his good team-spirit and people management strength.
Adewale Adetona
Product Marketing Manager, S&P Global Market Intelligence
'Damola is a brilliant individual, passionate about the arts, media creativity and public relations. Damola is passionate about his work and his creativity shows in his writings and ability to think outside the box. He will be an asset to any company and has a lot of value-added skills relevant in today’s world.
Eriye Onagoruwa
External Affairs & Government Relations Manager, Waltersmith Petroman
Oyindamola is a highly skilled professional who is great in coordinating teams, adept in Product Marketing, Content Creation, and Public Relations Management. He is an immediate asset to any team and seeks to add value always.
Adeola Oni
Product Marketing [B2B | B2C]
I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Damola. Working with him over the years has been an amazing experience. Damola is broad-minded. His skills, ingenuity, workflow, and comprehension have made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company. He is emphatic and no matter how tense a meeting is, Damola made sure everyone left with a smile, he earns my highest recommendation. His business savvy is complemented by his creative acumen and mastery of storytelling.
Oluwatosin Ayenuro
Product Designer, Patch Enterprise
Oyindamola is a manager’s delight! His core proficiency is in driving experience and value for leading brands through the use of communication. As a leading Content Specialist and Marketing Practitioner, Damola’s digital footprint and milestone contributions to the evolution of Remita—as Africa’s leading payments brand—is iconic and remains unmatched! Amongst his many winning moments, perhaps the most endearing was the quality and quantity of his weekly content delivery, which was definitively strategic to Remita’s retail rollout while we worked together. His PR background also allowed the team and the organisation at large benefit from his experience on media relations, particularly on issues such as reputation management, corporate communications, stakeholder engagement and internal comms. Happy to recommend Oyinda for opportunities which helps optimise his unique but clearly high-valued skillset.
Lanre Basamta Adelanwa
Group Head, Mobile Financial Service, Interswitch
Over the years, when I started sending out research reports, the feedback I got from editors were not encouraging. Most times, they required that a particular paper was reworked in a particular way or the number of words reduced, or other such academic writing issues. I needed a professional editor and a colleague of mine recommended Mr. Damola Olofinlua to me over 8 years ago. Damola took time to understand what I needed and since then he has been handling all my editorial works and I have never had my papers returned because of editing issues. I strongly recommend Damola for any professional editorial work. He not only does the work but he delivers on time too.
Dr. Ngozi Okpara
Senior Lecturer, Pan-Atlantic University
"Oyindamola is very professional, understanding and innovative in his approach to things. Keep it up! "
Dr. Umar Mantu
Founder Manumar Foundation
"Oyindamola is very professional, ‘Damola is a delight to work with. With keen attention to details, he’s very resourceful, goal-oriented, and committed to satisfactory job delivery. His ability to take full ownership of tasks and his interest in every team member’s career growth is exemplary. His innovative approach to problem-solving and passion for results would be an asset to any organisation."
Femi Aloba
Femi Aloba Team Lead, Digital Communications at Tranter IT Infrastructure Services
‘Damola is a well-rounded marketing communications professional committed to the requirements of his job, who willingly gives the “extra” needed to achieve great results. Rising from his background in content development, I can attest that he is also exceptionally skilled and experienced in product marketing, growth hacking, media relations, copywriting, digital communications, internal and external communications, SEO, media buying, executive management, and public relations.From my experience working together, he proved that he is a result-oriented yet humane team player, bringing life to any project or discussion and, by extension, a people manager interested in delivering tasks and projects, despite all odds.Honestly, ‘Damola is an excellent addition to any team and organisation.
Oluwasegun Adesanya
Group Head, Corporate Services | Chief Financial Officer | Senior Management Executive Group Head- Corporate Services | Chief Financial Officer | Senior Management Executive